Antique Slot Machines

Antique Slot Machines

Antique slot machine – styles of games offered, types of games played and check on availability.

An antique slot machine is any of a number of old-fashioned Playskool-style electronic gaming machines, the main difference being that they are not fixed to a table and instead react to each pull on the handle, receive tokens and payouts in accordance with programmed timers.

antiques slot machines are available from the same manufacturers as the more contemporary machines, directly from the manufacturers who make them or on drafts to allow you to sample them initially if they are not quite to your liking. Some of the more popular manufacturers of antique slot machines are Bally Gaming Systems,, Learndrumsroup, mining engineering businesses, and WMS Gaming.

Some of the more unique antique slot machines are thelegraphic pull-markers that were operated by the telegraph companies in the 1800s, the telephone slot machines of Bell-Fisk and Western Union in the 1900s, mechanical Studebaker machines in the 50s, and the electric pneumatic slot machines in the 60s. All of these machines are available from authorized dealers.

In addition, many of the antique slot machines are converted for other games such as video poker. Most of these machines are conversions that simple don’t require any conversion, but some require you to add coin funds into the machine.

It used to be that you could get an antique slot machine for about $500, now you can find an antique slot machine for about $100. Many of the older styles of antique slot machines allow you to purchase them brand new, though the prices will be more in the $2,000 to $10,000 range.

However, you can also find used machines as well. If you don’t want to buy or build your own, but want to use them for spare change, antique slot machines are available from authorized used slot machine dealers. This doesn’t require you to spend any money, since the equipment is returned. However, used machines will require you to pay any warranties incurred in the equipment.

Weight varies greatly with each type of machine. Most weigh about 90 to 110 pounds. The cheapest are around 8.5 pounds. Most of these weigh less than 80 pounds.

Many of the newer style antique slot machines will not be interconnected when they are set up for the purpose. Instead they will have coins or tokens located in the machine.

There are many popular themes available in antique slot machines. The “Don’t Lose Ride” machine offers a quarter slot. The ” Panen138” machine includes a slot for ranking the highest of the wine bottles.

The “Tally Ho” machine is a 5-reel, 25 pay-line video slot. It accepts coins and tokens only and has a hopper that automatically spins the 5 drums. Only the highest drums are set for winnings. The bonus drum awards the player who has a vitally important role in the game.

The “Hearts” slot machine is about 8-reel, 15 pay-lines and has a bonus drum.

The “Cashator” is about 15-reel, 20 pay-lines and has a bonus drum.

Finally, there is the “T unpopular” machine, about 24-lines, 16 pay-lines and has a bonus drum.

To buy antique slot machines, you can use Money Supply or Game stop, though you will have to pay a fee for each machine. antique slot machines are a great gift and are a nice surprises for the casino visitor. You may not be able to find an antique slot machine that is as old as you are, but these are usually pretty hard to find anyway. antique slot machines are a great gift and a perfect conversation piece for thener smartest guy.