Convenient Casino Recruitment at Any Cost

Convenient Casino Recruitment at Any Cost?

Casino manager, I need a favour…

I am desperate to find a decent Casino Recruitment company to help me with my Asian Handicap (!!! – A certain traditional wagering system that, bother, apparently, has been banned from EVERY casino I’ve ever been to…. heck, casino on planet Earth !). I do however have a friend who runs a casino who I’ve heard about, who is apparently a big earner….

Friend’s Advice: Hi there, how are things going for you at your casino? I was wondering if you had any friends, or just associates that were willing to mentor me? I’m sort of in the position of being school should be, courses that I have to pay for….

Friend’s Advice: You know how it is, you want the job of your life and all, you have a wife and kids to think about, well my advice to you is, get the casino job and at least you would have fun in your “work”. Learning the lay of the land, its amazing what you can learn just from the “board” (pokerlegenda)!

Friend’s Advice: Where are you from? I was born in Canada, and we speak the English language here. But, this doesn’t mean that you are job ready….. This is why I felt I need to go to the casino to apply for the job. I wanted to test out my English.

Friend’s Advice: Had you heard about the casino openings? Apparently, around the corner Casino Resorts is opening a brand new casino called “One Touch One Million” which is a 1.5 Billion Canadian dollar ($1.5illion Canadian) dollar (!!!) establishment. It will open in late 2009. It was founded by an Australian millionaire named Juega Jose Meneses.

Friend’s Advice: Wow, since I was new to the game, I really needed some guidance on how to make my tosses. There are guys in the casino who are really good at tossing dice and it would be nice to be able to do the same thing. I mean, I toss a little something to the shooter and I take a look at the stick. I tell the guy to get his eraser out and sharp, and I spastically threw both hands to the side. I couldn’t believe that I could control such a powerful mace; it was like a sex act!!

I told my guide that if he had any problems with his throwing action, to let the burly bouncer at the door know I was interested in getting rid of this kinky little guy, but, he needed to wait for my turn. I swatted the dice and missed. I asked the bouncer where he had problems, and he said he was no expert but offered to teach me. I declined, since I really didn’t want to learn how to cheat. I wanted to learn how to play craps, which is probably the most important game in the casino. I wanted to feel excited again. I was somewhat baffled by the fact that I had to learn how to throw a dice, but it was fairly easy. I learned the rules of the game while standing in a corner. Now I was eager to try out my new found talents.

The game was called craps, and there were a variety of betting options. You could play it like blackjack, but the conceit was to bet the edge. You can imagine the old game of blackjack, and how the house edges were used to beat the odds of the players to the point that almost no one makes any money at all. In craps, you can bet the point spreads or you could bet on the odds. The only thing the bouncer and I had in common was we both hated the casino.

We decided to hit a few machines and the lights came on as the pit supervisor walked by. I said, “Look, I’ll lose all of my money if I don’t have to bet on the outcome of this hand!” he said, “No, you’ll have to bet on the outcome.” I said, “All right, how much do I bet?” He said, “You’ll have to bet on the outcome.” I said,”All right, how much do I bet?” He said, “You’ll have to bet on the outcome.”

That was the end of our evening. We still don’t like casinos, but at least now we won’t have to carry our jackets in to the casino in the middle of the cold weather.

When I got home, I changed the software so I could more easily see and predict the outcome of the dice rolls. I also purchased a few other types of dice such as those available for use in games of chance such as roulette.