Feeling Lucky

Feeling Lucky

It happens to the best of us- we feel like absolute luck. Some people call it lucky, while others call it genius. How do you feel when you feel like the luckiest person on the planet? When you get your hands on a brand new Powerball ticket, you feel like the luckiest person on the planet, right? Wait, you don’t think you’re that lucky? How about when you get a someone a brand new iPhone for their birthday, and when they open the box, you see it has a brand new camera, and it instantly becomes a point and shoot? You Priortty Best is out of this world, but you’re not that lucky.

Yes, you could say that having a good luck is as natural to you as love, but you could never be lucky enough to feel like you were. Luck has a lot to do with what you get, but there is a lot more to do with who you get it from. If you’re looking for some advice on how to feel like you’re luckier than ever, read on.

  1. Buy lottery tickets with your family birthdays on them. If you had a really good day, and you hadn’t any injuries, you could go to the store and buy your favorite family member a ticket. It’s benefits from the heart.
  2. Play the lottery on “Cash Day.” Lots of big winners play on this day, because they want to get their free winnings, and in the process they dream of their winnings. Most big winners will even sign their tickets. Don’t ask why, just accept the fact that they play cash day.
  3. Dream big. The larger your dreams are, the bigger your dreams are likely to come true. There are a lot of people that have big dreams of owning a sports car, or going on a vacation, or perhaps a new house. Instead of you having your dreams realized this month, consider making your dreams come true over the next year. How do you think you can do this? You can do this by making a big pre-flop raise when you have a good hand. This action may seem somewhat brash, but if you do it from time to time, you will feel like you are entitled to a huge prize.
  4. Don’t quit at the alma mater you picked No. 16 in. Consider playing at least a couple more games to give yourself a greater chance of landing the winning ticket. Rather than ending your season with a whim, consider playing just one more game to maximize your winning chances. Get your revenge on your former school by taking the proceeds of your ticket purchase and using them on another ticket. More tickets mean better odds, and that means more opportunities to win.
  5. Once again, be practical. Quit while you are ahead. 7 weeks of vacation with the family, two weeks of rest behind, and you’re still going to be ahead. It’s a lot of money you are going to be throwing away, trust me. Throw in a little accounting, and you may end up winning even more.

The methods above are just a few examples of ways you can increase your odds of winning the Dewatogel 5/51. It’s easy to get discouraged by losing, especially if the games you play are not Theory of Averages aware. Practice makes perfect, then perfect requires a lot of learning. Lottery games are the perfect learning environment, because you can play so many different combinations, and so many different numbers. Keeping your mind open to learning new ways of playing the games, and finding out what works best for you will lead to a strengthened immune system and a passion for learning more winning methods.