Is Chitika The Best Affiliate Marketing Software For You

Is Chitika The Best Affiliate Marketing Software For You?

If you are interested in making money online, you might have heard about Chitika. I had not heard about it until I wrote this article and have been using it to make money on the internet. So I wanted to present you with some of the more important things you should know about it.

First, it is free to sign up with this affiliate program. All you are required to do is submit your email address and you can then get started. Now that is one of the reasons I like this program so much. It is very easy to get started and there is no start up cost. One of the best things about this program is that you get paid hundred percent of your earnings.

In the members area you are provided with resources to help you in your advertising campaigns. Ads, banners, emails, sign ups and a lot more resources. Now there are some paid resources as well and if you get more than one you will receive a percentage of those as well.

The paid resources include, banners, emails, e-books, and more. Some of the resources are worth while and others are not, for me money is the motivator here. You earn from those resources, so in my opinion it is fair for a person to want to make a little from the earnings.

Earning money in this program does take time. On average I think I am worth about $50-$100 a month, but you have to pay into the program to get that much, which in my opinion is fair for the time and effort you are putting into it. The best thing about this program is that you advertise for free, when you join. When you join you are charged $10 – $20 a month, but after you get 10 or 20 subscribers you pay a flat rate of $30 a month. Plus you get a website, which is in the building process and is already built for you.

Now there are many affiliate programs out there, and all of them have free and paid versions. Poker88 is a membership program, they also give you additional resources to help you in your business. The paid resources include, more ads, more banners, more emails, and a blog. They do an excellent job with the training and they have incentives to keep you working hard. I have purchased this program and have been learning little from it, but I’m looking forward to learning more. I know I will!

Another great thing about this program is that there are people who have already started and are still making money. They are motivated, and are not easily discouraged. When I became a member two of the guys from Ireland sent me a package with a lot of helpful tools. And the best part is that they are always in the back office and are readily available to answer any questions.

Tools are awesome, and having the support from the community and from the owners is a great feeling. I know I have a lot to learn, but learning is something I know I will always benefit from. It is also nice to have the night to yourself, and while it is common to have some down time, I like knowing that I can take a break and get some work done.

I have to say finding this program has been a great experience. It has allowed me to stay home with my two little girls and have the time to take care of my growing need to protect my family. You might find yourself in a similar situation, or just might be someone with a supportive family member who has enjoyed getting to see you.