My Texas Hold'em Poker - Top Ten Tips From a Novice Point of View

My Texas Hold’em Poker – Top Ten Tips From a Novice Point of View

The true origin of Texas Hold’em Poker it seems is still unknown, although there are several different theories circulating. One theory suggests it began in Robstown, Texas about 1900. Texas Holdem has been hugely popular, namely for its great emphasis on making money and being able to do so in a short period of time, played by individuals of all backgrounds.

The first real Holdem game in Las Vegas took place in the 1960s. The game stayed relatively unknown for a whilst then all of a sudden it exploded, mainly because of a TV programme called “World Series of Poker”. It was on this basis, and others that it overshadowed Holdem as what was perceived as a more “celebrity” poker game. Before it came to mainstream attention, the game was mainly played by the well-heeled and the famous.

However, it isn’t difficult to see why Texas Holdem has become so popular. Once a game that was only played by the well-heeled and famous – now it’s played by everyone from teenagers to retirement age. The fact it’s so simple and easy to learn means it’s appeal has spread far and wide. It’s also perfect entertainment, being able to play in your spare time on the computer, allows you to fit it into your daily routine, and ultimately means you can play the game to any age.

Here are ten tips on how to be a successful MPO777 player, although please don’t believe that to be the only trick in the book.

  1. Patience – Be patient, waiting for the right hand doesn’t always equal winning the hand.
  2. Mind your tactics – Different opponents, different strategies. You need to be completely mentally prepared each time you play, otherwise you’re going to lose big pots.
  3. Get ‘em in the right spots – Poker is a game of people, people that you want to win at the table, people that you want to lose, and people that you want to create. Don’t get bored – finding them isn’t easy, but once you do, you’ll business yourself consistently good at the game.
  4. Believe in yourself – If you have good cards and you believe you have the best hand, go for it. People think too much in the game and get bored easily.
  5. Get focussed – You can only win by making decisions. Be focus, especially when you’re getting frustrated, you’ll win this game!
  6. Play the right level – Don’t go to extremes – you want to win as much as you can, but be sensible with your stakes.
  7. Realise your limitations – You’re only human, you can only win so much. Ensure your level of play is appropriate and stick to it.
  8. Play the number of hands – You have to be purchasable, that’s only natural, and the quicker you can make this decision, the better. Play four hands minimum.
  9. Take breaks – You need rest, as this is your time for rest and relaxation from the grind of the game.
  10. Repeat 101 – The number of times you make the same mistake. If you can remember this mistake, you will never make it. This is like aMP3 item, if you have it, you shouldMusic yourself to win at the tables.

More than that, make this your new poker motto. The phrase, I will not cleaners my poker chip before the flop. Take a pen and a pad of paper and note down every time you make this mistake. And then, make this your motto. Poker is a game of mistakes, but, I bet you’ll find that you are making lots of them!

And that, is the truth. It’s understandable that we can’t always get the right odds to win at poker. Even I can’t win every hand. But, there are lots of reasons why we can’t win every hand.

We can’t possibly have the right odds to call and confirm the pre-flop all-in against the right guy, under the right circumstances. Unless we’re playing for a lot of money.

We can’t possibly know what those circumstances are, unless we are on the same table as the guy, we just can’t know.

Unless we are on the same table, we just can’t know.

This is a problem that a lot of players have, but they don’t know what to do about it. They need a strategy. A strategy that gets them off the bad beat and gets them back in the tournament and/or cash.