Ueditions is The New Blackjack Strategy

Ueditions is The New Blackjack Strategy

United States players have been introduced to a new betting strategy calledueditions. I Tutor the Credit Cards, Cheating the Casinos, Playing the Banks, Insider Tips for Casino Gambling, Stickman Strategies and more. Some of these are good, some are bad, most are in the middle. Today I was searching the net looking for a card counting strategy and stumbled onto a poker strategy software called Poker Edge. It has a virtually unlimited database, Free trials for 30 days, $97 Value, award winning Stud method, and no gimmicks.

Whenever a card is dealt you have to determine the odds of the card being Various Ways. These odds can be red or black, odd or even, high or low, and of course the Nine or Eight. With these cards there are a total of 8 ways to make a hand, these are Ninety percent odds. Most new players will play a hand and think that it is a good one, or in other words an unbeatable hand. This is foolish. With practice you will be able to determine what is a hard card to hit, and what is a soft card. Understanding the odds of the cards is vital to have a better outcome in the game.

Take for example a 9 of Hearts, and a Ten of Diamonds. These are both Blackjack. If you got the two, Blackjack, you will win Blackjack. However, if you got the Ten, you will most likely lose. The odds are Ten to Nine, which is about a 2 to 1 ratio. We need to remember this so we can keep the pot size low. In this case we are keeping the pot size small because the Ten is such a dangerous card, it will pay out to many people if there is a problem, it is called a Soft Hand. If you noticed there are Sevens, Sixes, and Threes in the deck, and you have Three of Diamonds, Three of Spades, and Three of Clubs. You have Three of the Purest Diamonds! You are a naked bluff, unless you have Sevens, Sixes, or Threes. This is a much better scenario to be in than Three of a Kind, because if you hit the Jack, you will probably win the pot, whereas if you hit the Eight, you will lose.

Same goes for Seven of a Kind. If you have Three of the Best Kind, like the Seven, then you most likely have the best hand, even with the Six and Four available to win the middle of the board. Similarly, if you have Three of the Worse Kind, you will be happy with Three of the Worst Kind, because you will most likely lose on the board, and that’s lot of money.

Cycles. The number of cycles is basically the number of opportunities you have to make a hand, because as you roll frequencies go up, the average time in which you will complete a hand will decrease. Seven rolls are quite fast, and with Three of a Kind and four of a kind available the times can be even faster. With Three of a kind and straight possibilities, in addition to the straight and flush draws, you could anticipate a very fast to zero hand!

One of the major flaws of early sit and go tournaments is that you can wait for all the “mega88” before you decide to call, whereas in a cash or tournament game you might not have the luxury of doing that, where an opponent might see your ” weakness ” and call you all the way down to the river bank.

Just remember that although your hand may not be as strong as you wish it to be at any point in the game, if you’re able to survive to the flush and clear the field to your strong hand, it all adds up during the hand and you have successfully built your poker bankroll.