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Online gambling has been around since 1994 getting off to a slow start, yet becoming more and more popular year by year. One of the major turning points in the history of online gambling was when the first online casino was introduced in 1995.

That year, and for the next 15 years or so, several online casino operators launched several products including that of an online bingo network. However, like the majority of other operators, these sites were easily spotted by the governments and soon became the subject of numerous ant-gambling regulatory efforts. The situation became so acute that several declaration of legal Internet casino were made and each of them was subjected to a rigorous legal scrutiny.

Probably one of the major turning points in online casinos dates back to a lower ranking company, InterCasino, having to revise its accounting systems to conform with the accounting rules of the public companies. The situation got so that most online casinos were forced to junk their accounting systems, at that time, making it extremely difficult to run an online casino and keep track of the accounts in an efficient manner. However, most of the major online casinos that were out of the market in 1995 are still around and learning from those who were successful in the early days. Some of these casinos were RTG, which is among the market leaders in games and poker.

Another turning point in the history of online casinos was when the first online casino TV channel was launched in 1996. In the early days only video clips were shown, but as the media expanded, they started to show televised promos and victory dances, something that never would have happened 15 years earlier. This allowed the European and other online casinos to have a television channel to draw in audiences. During this time, also the antes were invented.

It was after 1999, that the online casino world was transformed from an underground operation to one that was not begs or interrupted by the governments because of the increase in tax revenues brought in by the online casino boom. The setting up of various online CD-based casinos brought about by the dot-com industry revolutionized the way people play online casino.

The dot-com casinos grew up and grew quickly, and at this time a new demographic of online gamblers emerged. They were individuals that did not require downloading software and gaming software from an Internet casino. In some cases they even logged onto the Internet and played using the browser’s Flash and Java plug-ins. This allowed for individuals to quickly play the games and casino games from the comfort of their homes and composition.

In less than decade, the online casino industry provides for themselves an ever-increasing demand base. However, the industry is not without its opponents. There are those that are so new-fangled that they want to review the industry from the ground up, and others that are devoted to keeping it pure for competition. The question is, what will be the competitive advantage of such a new industry?

For one, the price of running an online casino is much lower than other types of online gaming, such as it was when Paypal came on the scene. The price of a web server is around $10,000, most of which is needed to buy cheap IBM servers. Buying a server allows for faster serve and higher requests per second than brick and mortar casinos.

Secondly, the amount of players is not as high, therefore there is less competition. The people that play at casinos online are interested in fun as the form of entertainment is more leisurely. If you want them to stop, just start paying them. However, this is not relevant to the online casinos that make money by offering odds and payouts.

And third, the number of games and the variety in the games is much higher online than it is in a physical casino. Online casinos, especially Playtech ones, can offer hundreds of games, while casinos of the past, although they have remained competitive, mainly relied on the selection of only a few games to draw in customers.

The combination of these three factors makes it easy to paint an invisible cloud of implying myths about online casinos and to ignore the more prosaic ones.

Even though many people online may be playing in an effort to mimic the atmosphere of a casino physically, the vibrations and nuances that a game offers are often soiates that people play in their homes for enjoyment and not for betting money. One may also meet people from all parts of the world while playing in an online casino.

As far as the myths that ensue, one may have heard the worst about the quality of online casino games. Yet, quality is not everything. One may notice that all the casinos online offer the same games, or a similar one. This is an indication of the fact that the company that manufactures it has thought of everything. In another case, it may be the case that the casino has used some minimum worker on the production line. situs judi slot terbaik dan terpercaya no 1